We are all working flat-out on other things at the moment, including considering our first substantial application for funding as The Project Space. Prioritising, something has to give. So we have decided the following:

Calling artists – the Queen of Hungary is lying fallow for 6 months as other parts of our lives have become too busy to continue our usual programme till our big landscape show next May.

But we want to keep the doors open and cover our costs.

The Project Space is now available to be used as an exhibiting space/ residency opportunity/ thinking and making place – any strong idea considered. There can be some curatorial/marketing assistance for anyone putting on an exhibition.

Send your ideas to [email protected] and include your web address and length of time of project.


Townley & Bradby are developing an event for us to host on the 18th July. We’ve worked individually before with Townley & Bradby (way back), but this is the first time QH has, so we’re really looking forward to seeing what playful event evolves.

This is their take on it:

During the last three years we have been documenting our children’s play. Artists As Parents As Artists will be a presentation of artwork we have made in response to this documentation. The artwork on show will include large-scale photos, two films and a series of drawings.

We have found that many art events (talks, exhibitions, residencies) are difficult or impossible to access with our children. For this reason Artists As Parents As Artistsis an event for both children and adults. Central to the event will be play and food. There will be a range of loose materials that can be rearranged, played with and used constructively by both children and adults during the event. There will also be a communal meal. Rather than devote a particular section of the event to discussion of the artwork, this will take place in amongst the other activities.



To finish off the residency I had an open studio afternoon; it provided a good focus for me to gather together and present the work that I had been making in the run up to the residency and during my time at the project space. It was particularly useful to meet up with Hugh again to show him the video piece I had been working on. Talking to Hugh and talking to Dominique from The Queen of Hungary has made me feel more positive about the video. It isn’t a finished, polished piece, but as a work made in 2 days it’s not bad! It has also opened up some thinking for me in relation to how to structure video works and using text and image together in this form. I have worked in video before but not for a while, and it is a format I want to explore more. So this has definitely been a good kick to get on with it!

I haven’t posted the video online because there are copyright issues related to the fact the footage isn’t mine and also I have ethical qualms about posting footage of people who are being touted as ‘benefit cheats’ even if that footage is already in the public domain. However I have posted the script for the video and some still images on my personal blog for the project:http://www.ameliacrouch.com/news/vulgar-errors/2013/06/05/outcomes/

Overall it has been a really valuable experience to spend time at The Queen of Hungary, it is a fantastic space for simply offering artists the chance to experiment. I am amazed with what I can achieve in a few days if I put my mind to it and that is definitely a lesson to take home!

Amelia Crouch