We’ve been putting together some details about our second selected Queen of Hungary residency, here it is:

VULGAR ERRORS – our residency opportunity

WHO: Artists in any medium including film, photography, installation, painting, sculpture, who are interested in falsely held beliefs, erroneous science and sacred cows. In conjunction with acclaimed science writer Hugh Aldersey-Williams

WHAT: The residency will benefit an artist who would benefit from encounters with this wide-ranging writer. Artist is required to take part in a conversation and presentation of work with Aldersey-Williams who wishes to explore ‘Vulgar Errors’ by Thomas Browne

WHEN: May 22nd to 28th 2013

PAYMENTS: £150 artist’s fee and free accommodation – camping is an option


DETAILS: For more details about the residency please visit our a-n blog ‘The Queen of Hungary Project Space’, our website and www.hughaldersey-williams.com

APPLY: Please send one side of A4 outlining your approach to the residency, your CV, statement, 5 small JPEGs and website/blog address to [email protected]

CONTACT: [email protected]


Deadline: 1 March 2013


We’re discussing the possibility of doing more exhibition work at the space – something this space has purposely not moved into after the Norwich incarnation of the QH Gallery, St Benedicts Street.

To this end I went to the London Art Fair last night, managing to get there and back in a weather window gap in Norfolk’s week of snow and ice. The presentations from new and fresh galleries usually provide more stimulus and visual excitement.

Thinking about the type of work we might want to show; degrees of commercial or edge and experimentation, the nature of the audience and their preferences, regional bias or international. What artwork niche would we want to carve out, what would most interest us and furthermore, how would 3 artists with very differing practices ever agree on these things?

Lots of factors to balance. Lots of food for thought.

Dominique Rey


The Year Ahead

We (The Queen of Hungary organisers) met recently at The Gunton Arms to ponder how we would like to shape QH activities and presence in the next year. The joy of having a non-funded, independent space is that with the sky as the limit we could go in any direction and do almost anything. Then we’re brought back down to earth with a bump by the usual limitations of time, cost, energy and so on. We’ve found it important to enjoy enthusiastic ambitious ideas, but not get completely carried away by flights of fancy.

Notwithstanding these usual considerations, our programme for the next few months is slowly taking shape. There’s a bit of time still as we are closed over the coldest Winter months just because they are the coldest Winter months. WE’re definitely going to build on our selected residency opportunity from last year and make it bigger and better and louder. The quite tasty bar snacks and booze helped the thinking process, but perhaps not the writing down and recording of the discussion.

Dominique Rey