Stephanie Douet used our Project Space to set up and experiment with her work before Emergency 2012 last Saturday.




Stephanie Potts

The white cube, the blank canvas that is the Project Space provides an environment in which to free your mind, disregard your preconceptions and open up to new ideas and experimentation. Working independently alongside friends and fellow artists is strangely conducive to contemplation and concentrated effort – everyday distractions disappear. Opportunities for critical discussion and sharing facilitate understanding, articulate ideas and identify common threads.



Here is Where We Meet Residency

Trish Addison:

Through Tricia Addison’s attention to precarious objects or events, stumbled upon arrangements of broken, half used or wrongly ordered items hint at a more significant deterioration. There is a levelling of subjects that are not equal in scale or importance; buildings, butter and iconic sculptures are all handled in the same way, simultaneously balancing a long-standing commitment to sculpture and material process with a recently kindled exploration of painting.


We are sorting out the residency details for the end of October. The project has been called ‘Here is Where We Meet’ by Bev Broadhead, Natalie Odile Lang and Trish Addison. They’ve been meeting to talk about their practice for the last 18 months and will be using our Project Space as an intensive, focussing resource in which to work together in one form or other. They’ll show the results of this from the 1st to the 4th of November. Natalie’s image is alongside and she posted me this to go with it: My landscapes explore the mystery of absence. Though the use of ordinary and banal imagery I use paint to reveal what is hidden.

They may also be taking a leaf out of Desmond Brett’s book and camping in the field. Perhaps I’ll provide a daily weather update whilst they’re here.

Anyway, before that we have Imogen Ashwin in the Project Space for some mentoring. More about that later.

Dominique Rey


Seamless Textiles Residency:

I came with tentative ideas and a collection of gathered materials, ideas that were hesitant and materials that were unexplored. Ideas that have been bubbling around my head for ages. The joy of finding a place and space to experiment and just as importantly play around with ideas has been excellent. A space to make mistakes, take risks. Early on we realised ever though we have shared the experience of working together on a MA course we had never shared a studio space together, so this was a time to share and work in non-competitive atmosphere.

Cathy Rumsey