hello world !

i’ve moved into haarlem artspace and finding my feet, my voice and my way around.





in the conversations i’ve been having i’m seeing a pattern of the move from the dining room table or some other space into the working enviornment at haarlem.  ie alot of other practioners had the same experience of moving into haarlem and noticing a positive impact upon their practice.  so how is it impacting upon mine ?



a good question.  in many ways really.  i’m starting to experience the upping of productivity despite spending less time at it.  this was one of the first comments i heard from another studio holder.  what goes with this is the increase in self belief and well being.

this is down to an increased feeling of getting somewhere with what i’m creating and the opportunities to interact with other people.

from a day to day logistics level i’m seeing the benefit of travelling via bus to this place and in so doing having time to set up the beginning of what i’ll do.  at the other end of the day it gives me time to come out of the creative me me me headspace and adjust to home life.  gone are the crashing out of me time and associated problems this caused.

my confidence is being given a bolster.  this is great news as for years i’ve carried a weight of something unhealthy – set up by a third party and implimented by another third party.


i’ve started to play again.

chancing ideas and seeing what might become of them.




for the time being i’ve moved away from the dining table and opening up my thinking and availability to new opportunities and possibilities.


yes the move away from the dining room table has been a good thing.  where, what and who might happen in the coming months ?  time will tell and i feel excited and up for finding out.


the year ahead will have many challenges – known and unknown and this morning standing in the garden just after 9am i felt at one with the knowledge of the main challenges i’ll face this year.

already solved – the challenge of what to call the blog i start today.  needless to say that of all the possible titles i thought it might be didn’t make it into the final round of selection.

back in 2014 i kept twelve in fourteen and as i began the year i knew what the 12 was.  this year what the twelve are remains to be seen.



as a family we’ve been out today walking through lathkill dale.  stunning environment and of particular interest to the girls as some scenes from a favourite film were filmed there.  as they all get older and start to follow their own passions, these afternoons are becoming more and more precious.



an unexpected challenge was to drive the car home after the fan belt broke.  we made it – just !  i was hoping to move into my studio space tomorrow…  after food and a good rest we’ll find a solution …