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New Perspectives on Climate Change Data

Mama, “Ge, bi ei kaptasiemi see weisiteize. Ulile wendei, ulini bagdiiti, uli, bäsa edelegeini. Grandmother (replied): Well, I have wrapped up my shin bone. I scraped it and wrapped it up into various parcels. Throw them around. Throw them in […]

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Untitled blog post from "if we do nothing"

Having ploughed through several scientific papers I’ve made my decisions with respect to the data I want to use for a preliminary sonification model or, if you prefer, the narrative. Though ti’s obvious now, I hadn’t realised that CO2 data from […]

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if we do nothing

Updates on the research, development and testing of a new sound work which sonifies climate change data

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Jane Lawson reviews Crossing the Tide, the Tuvalu Pavilion at the 2015 Venice Biennale

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‘Waste doesn’t come from itself. It is the mirror of our society…it is the mirror of who we are’ Philip Heylen, Antwerp, Belgium. Vice-mayor for Culture and Tourism at Stad Antwerpen Today marks the end of the official conference talks in […]

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It costs the Earth
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Climate change, cultural change

The programme ‘Climate Change: Cultural Change’ took place in June, 2006 in Newcastle-Gateshead, curated by Helix Arts with CarbonNeutralNewcastle.

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