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It may End but it won’t be Over

Yesterday I was in London. A small amount of snow brought the city into a state of chaos. It makes me laugh. It was hardly anything. Last year I was in Helsinki. Minus 26 degrees of Celsius. Everything was still […]

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A Q&A with… Bedwyr Williams, multimedia artist and Dylan Thomas fan

For the inaugural visual arts commission at Storyhouse in Chester, Bedwyr Williams has transposed stories collected from a local newspaper archive onto a digitally animated recreation of the town’s former Roman Fortress Bathhouse. Speaking to Fisun Güner, he laments the loss of British awkwardness, and describes how this new work will take the viewer on a journey to “a space that’s out of time”.

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A Q&A with… Aidan Moesby, artist exploring weather and wellbeing

Aidan Moesby has just finished a tour of festivals in the north of England, using his new weather-based installations to test responses, locations and situations for visual arts in festival contexts. Trish Wheatley talks to the artist about this work and how it sits with his practice.

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So much more than just weather

The weather is a great leveller. It doesn’t care how rich you are, your class, race, creed, gender or what ever people identify themselves as and by. True enough, a lot of people don’t really notice the weather or aren’t […]

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How many times have we heard “Pop by, it would be lovely to see you”? Probably almost as many as the “How are you?’ which is often said and frequently not meant as the greeter moves on to the next […]

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It’s not always about money

It seems ages ago I received notification of being awarded an a-n Professional Development Bursary. Back in March life seemed so different. I was going through the “Famine of Freelance” – you know – that thing no one really talks […]

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Researching the potential of digital technology to develop my practice.

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Ethics, art and technology: the need for a human-centred approach

At a recent symposium in London, academics, technologists, artists and film makers gathered to discuss the politics and ethics of art technology. Artist and writer Alistair Gentry attended and was struck by the need for a much closer relationship between the tech and ethical tendencies in this ongoing and vitally important debate.

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The Moors

Much of my recent art has been about the graffiti, shadows, reflections and gritty periphery side of urban areas and cities. It is also about how all these aspects blend with the corners of my thoughts – both conscious and […]

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