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Clare Twomey

Penny Jones profiles Clare Twomey, who makes large-scale ceramic installations for galleries and museums often in collaboration with the UK ceramics industry.

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Helen Knowles

Helen Knowles, who featured in a-n’s Degree show supplement 98 publication, reviews her progress over the past decade and discusses her current practice.

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Tea Mäkipää

Finnish artist Tea Mäkipää’s work confronts her viewpoint of impending ecological catastrophe through interventions and installations positing an alternative vision of existence. By Manick Govinda.

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Project Me

Project Me: charting the progress of my practice since 2007

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Painting installation
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Vineta Kaulaca

My work is mostly about perception: the way we look at the world, building up an image of the whole from different fragments.

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To play with and to love!
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Claire Douglass

Claire Douglass describes the work that she made during her recent residency in Hackney.

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Thinking (about) video …

Whenever artists discuss London they tend to regurgitate the usual polemic of the ‘centre’ versus the ‘margins’. Former regionalist Nick Stewart has recanted his old ways and become seduced by the capital’s financial hub, producing a series of video observations that track a complex series of patterns within this urban environment. Careful editing of the recorded image can reveal the liminal, the unconscious, or indeed, the political, within the world of appearances. Time can be condensed or stretched as appropriate.

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