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Dover (Kent), Brexit, wallpainting by Banksy. Photo: Paul Bissegger via WikiMedia Commons (,_Brexit,_par_Banksy_(2017)_1.jpg), CC-BY-SA-4.0 (
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Brexit and the arts: uncertainty and confusion remain as leave date looms

The recent Brexit Conference organised by the Creative Industries Federation gathered together Leavers and Remainers, political journalists and politicians, and a wide range of delegates working in the arts and culture, in an attempt to make sense of what Brexit will mean to the sector. Dany Louise reports.

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Mia Frostner and Rosalie Schweiker, You Brexit You Fix It, 2016
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Artists respond to Brexit: “It’s important to make a stand, to be direct”

With scrutiny of the government’s Brexit plans intensifying as Theresa May’s end of March deadline for triggering Article 50 to leave the EU gets nearer, artists are responding to the uncertain climate in a variety of ways. Pippa Koszerek, who as an artist is herself involved in Brexit-related events, takes a look at some forthcoming projects.

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Agnieszka Tarasiuk Photo: © Filip Skronc (
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Brexit, Poland and the visual arts: “We will find ways to continue to work”

With a long and close relationship between the UK and Poland stretching back over generations, and an estimated 800,000 people born in Poland currently resident in the UK, what is the Polish view on Brexit and its implications for the visual arts? Emma Sumner talks to Polish artists, curators and visual arts professionals to find out.

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a-n members EU referendum survey: “The impact of Brexit has been immediate”

Following the result of the EU referendum in June, a-n’s member survey was a chance to get a sense of how Brexit might affect visual artists. Dany Louise highlights some of the survey findings including examples of how the decision to leave the EU is already affecting members who regularly work, exhibit or apply for opportunities in Europe.

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Photo: © European Union 2016 - European Parliament".
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Post EU referendum: enabling conversations or the flight of cultural capital?

We asked artists, arts organisers and writers to comment on how leaving the EU might affect culture and creativity in the UK. Here, writer and researcher François Matarasso, mima’s Alistair Hudson, Katrina M Brown of the Common Guild, Modern Art Oxford director Paul Hobson, and artists Haroon Mirza, Joseph Young and Gordon Shrigley give their views.

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