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Rodney Graham, Smoke Break 2 (Drywaller), 2012, © Rodney Graham. Courtesy: the artist and Hauser & Wirth
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A Q&A with… Rodney Graham, artist, musician, and lapsed filmmaker

Vancouver-based artist and musician Rodney Graham is best known for his large-scale photographic lightbox works, in which he features in a variety of guises. A new show at Baltic, Rodney Graham: That’s Not Me, presents work from 1994 to 2017 and includes a whole gallery dedicated to his varied and experimental film pieces. Fisun Güner asks the questions.

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Sonia Boyce, Eastside Projects, Birmingham. Photo: George Torode; Courtesy: the artist and Eastside Projects
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A Q&A with… Sonia Boyce, artist, academic, and improviser

With a solo show at ICA and as part of a group exhibition at Eastside Projects, Sonia Boyce is exploring ideas around play, improvisation and sculpture – including a collaborative project with ukuele-playing skateboarders. Anneka French talks to the artist during the first of two lively, nerve-wracking performances in Birmingham, as skaters fly by and instruments are played.

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Rosalie Schweiker at  ‘Art is not a Commodity: Examining Economic Exceptionalism in Art’, ICA, London, 18 February 2017. Photo: Marysia Lewandowska. CC by 4.0
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No more fake orgasms: stop boosting the art world’s self-esteem

At the recent symposium, ‘Art is not a Commodity: Examining Economic Exceptionalism in Art’, Rosalie Schweiker argued that artists need to “stop faking orgasms” and instead start clearly vocalising their dissatisfaction with the art world. Here, we publish an edited version of her presentation.

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