Only to say that driving long distances in the car (something I have to do) is not the same as dog walking but there are similarities. Driving on the motoway provides the driver with the opportunity to mull things over, hold conversations and practice talking to someone else, and inwardly reflect.

Dog walking provides the walker with total abandonment to free-form think, as there are no likley hazards and the mind goes a little bit past the auto pilot of driving a car. I spend alot of time on auto pilot as making mosaics is the same kind of task that requires some low level awareness.

All of these kinds of time do not satisfy burning creative urges that produce imeadiate results to work with and develop things. All you can do is think about the creative things you want to do, not actually do them, because your body is physically doing something else.

To me, this has been a long term issue.

Tonight I saw a labrador wearing a workmans high viz lime green vest, its owner was wearing a dark parker type coat.


Today we went for a morning walk in the woods, the frost was still around and it was calm, before a frantic day of entertaing family guests.

The dog walk has become a significant constant, important and yet routine event in my irregular life.

A strange parrallel time where surprises are found!