Dogs Have 3 Gears.

Humans have two. Walking and running. A jog does accelerate into a run, but the action is the same.

Dogs have both walking and running (or galloping), but inbetween these two is this other gear, a sort of trot where they are not walking or running. This trot is where their feet hardley come off the floor but they can go quite fast and keep this up for along time.

I am now artist in residence at ‘The Little Blue Hut’. I rode my bike gently along the sea front, to pick up the keys. It was very windy. Its about 4 miles or so. Cosmo kept up, trotting the whole way there and back.

It did knacker him though.

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My Phone has Drowned.

The other night me and Cosmo got very wet. It rained so hard it would’nt have made any difference if I had walked in the sea.

My feet were sloshing around inside my wellies and all I wanted was to get home. Cosmo was unpreturbed and still wanted to sniff this and that and was happy enough. He didnt seem uncomfortable!

He looked like he had just had a perm. I was very grumpy and kept reminding myself that it could be worse. I might have been press ganged into the navy, and the Bosun was telling me to climb up the rigging and get the top gallants down.

When I got home I realised my coat pocket had collected quite alot of water for a pocket and my phone had drowned.

I bought a new phone today thinking I would put my old sim card in and all my contacts would instantly appear.

‘NO CONTACTS’ I must have changed some kind of defalt setting and all saved to phone memory not sim card!

Which is a bit of a bummer.


Twin Oaks

Sometimes I get rather full up with art all the time. I think as an artist one does tend to try so hard, never waste a day, got to promote yourself or do something? I’m waiting for a decision from a commitee…..still.

Yesterday I just thought I’m full up with all this art and went for a dog walk instead. Cosmo was alittle confused as it was not his usuall dog walk time?

The acorns and sweet chestnuts are falling off the trees now and the single track paths in the woods are covered with acorns.

This reminded me of a story on the radio ages ago, told by Martin Simpson. He said he had been asked to finish someone elses unfinished song! He discovered this twin oak storey. ‘If you ever see twin oak trees growing side by side, (this quite often happens in hedgrows apparently) it is because Gypsy, travelling families had the tradition that if a young baby died, then an acorn was placed in each hand and the baby then buried by the side of the road under the hedgrows’.

This provided the end for his unfinished song, I wondered if it would start someting for someone else, as I can’t think of a way to use it, but it is a lovely idea.

I’m thinking about art when I’m supossed to be not thinking about it.

Why do we do that?