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Having been on hiatus for a while I thought it was good time to revisit the blog and take stock of where I am. It is probably a little overwhelming to unpack everything I’ve been up to in the interim although I will try to provide a brief overview of my activities with the view of unpacking some of these experiences in greater detail once I’m back in blogger mode.

Incidentally the title, Limbo refers to the sense of transition I’m in on a number of fronts. Firstly I have completed the first year of my MA and enjoying the benefits of not having to drive to University at 6:45 on a Monday morning. However whilst the course is finished I’m continuing to do my placement; a scenario that has left me feeling strange…. Up until recently being on placements served a very specific purpose, it formed the basis of my clinical placement report. However now this work is completed; and the course has ended, it feels slightly peculiar to be continuing on.

Limbo also reflects the way in which I have taken a break from personal therapy with G during the summer with the view of restarting in October (coinciding with the start of the course). If I’m honest, the personal therapy has been my favorite part of doing the course. Although it sounds a little cliché, I’ve grown as a person and a major catalyst for this has been my weekly interactions with G who has been a listening ear and a mentor. Evidently I was worried that not being able to meet with him might leave me feeling a little bit strung out in the wilderness. Since we parted company at the end of May I’ve ended up making all sorts of dramatic life decisions, many of which will be unbeknown to him when we reconvene after the summer. I’m actively earmarking things to talk to him about when we next meet in 4 months time.

Limbo also refers to the ways in which I find myself moving between studio spaces at the moment. Having had to relinquish the space I’d had with Gallery@49, I now myself moving into a very different space with Hotelelephant in London. The result of which has left with loads of boxes that I’m warehousing in my bedroom until the eventual move. It seems quite bold to base my studio in London when I still reside in Bracknell though I hope the move will provide the sort of camaraderie and peer mentorship that I’m so sorely in need of.

Exciting times!