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Wow. It’s been a long while since I last blogged. Although, since my last entry, I have feverishly been working on my final research paper for the MA Art Psychotherapy course. The final deadline is on Wednesday this week and I’m now within touching distance of completing my last ever piece of MA coursework (I hope).

Since January/ February I have dedicated most of my free time to working on an 8000 research paper on the effects of countertransference in  when working aggressive children in schools. Whilst, having written the paper, I don’t feel I can adequately explain or summarise what it’s about right now, it might be something that I look to expand upon in later entries. I would however say that for anyone interested in school-based art therapy interventions, or wanting to know how art therapy can be used as an alternate intervention for children and adolescents, I have listed a number of useful resources below that might be interest.

Subsequently with the course nearly finished, attention now turns to our end-of-year MA show. Having had studio-practice time built into the course schedule I had some time at the start of the year to begin work on a new series of art works. I hope to talk more about these in my next blog.


Useful Resources:

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