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funny how writing a title triggers a memory of dragons den – not the start of the post i anticipated so i’ll work to bring it back on track.

amazing day today – from hoovering to going through the contents of the hall and giving it a complete spring clean.

amongst all the stuff we’ve hing onto were the sheets from an ideation for a project some 5 or 6 years ago.  i was proposing a non linear treatment for the transition belper energy decent group.  the then chair person was quite politically active so ultimately we didn’t see eye to eye and the non linear aspect failed to get off the ground.

it was fun at the time and if nothing else it gave us al a good reason to meet in the pub once a month a discuss our ideas further.

i’d kept the paper work from our idea collecting.  it felt so good to admit i loved it at the time and now it was time to let the paperwork go.

i celebrated all the good work with an improvised ploughmans snack and a beer.

once the family has regrouped we’ll put the christmas decorations away and get the hoover out.

it really is getting close to going back to work.