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bonkers weather for the time of year – needed to document that for when i go back over this later in the year.


recently i’ve given my website a make over and i pleased with where it’s ended up.  those of you who manage your own sites will know and appreciate just how much effort and time can be taken up maintaining and keeping a site fresh.


i’m still considering making a non linear statement about my work.  in so doing though – there’s the thing of where do i position my work?



easily distracted is one position, our recent new carpet presenting some new photo opportunities.



do i position myself within the art of documentary – the art of the document ?  if i do – what am i saying ?  is it social commentary ?  political ?  social critique ?  the art of history ?  all wrapped up in a non linear container …  why non linear ?  my mind wanders to russian science fiction work of the 1960’s.



its easy to look hard at oneself.  i do it maybe to excess.  what i do do  –  badly –  is get myself out of it by creating / making / expressing something.



i pause a moment to give some attention to the piano music on the radio behind my right shoulder.  it’s helping to mask the industrial sounding tumble dryer next door.  i’ve learnt that one of the bearings has gone – so when it runs it sounds like an industrial  compressor continuously running.  we are in on going dialogue with environmental health about this noise nuisance.


how i love how the sun distracts me.


have i been distracted this week as much as writing this post appears to be saying.  maybe the distraction is part of the coping with the winter and having days when i don’t feel to good.  these pass and like a sine wave i’m back on the up again.



the commission start is approaching and i’ve been getting ready for it by breaking the project down into what might be the constituent pieces i need to work on.  i learnt so much from the second that going into this third tranche i’m not so worried about not knowing what it is i will actually be filming and what actually will make it into the project by its finish.

so as for my positioning ?  for now this isn’t a big thing.    the non linear project has a position built into it and all the other stuff also fits into something.  i wonder if knowing one’s positioning is directly proportional to the number of people who get to see one’s work.  yes there must be some connection – connection being the thing.  it’s easy really.