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i’m awash with excitement – a top feeling – energising – almost bursting.

how can this be followed i think?  like a surfer standing up i am in that moment and i feel invincible.   it’s friday 10:15am.


i pause for a moment and think back to 8:29 am on monday.  i was in the midst of a wave of loss – our dog maybe passed well over 18 months ago now – i’d put thoughts together that initiated a feeling.  i worked through them in the form via photograghy and shared on instagram



in the moment now i’m balanced out.


the recent warm weather has hopefully topped up by vitamin d, its so easy to let levels drop to become critical.  a colleague yesterday commenting on a mood they had and it teetered on the melancholic.

this week has been the cliche roller coaster ride.



the image is part of the roof space of the wardwick area of derby museums.  it’s an event space and on wednesday i sat there and did some work.  quiet, contemplative and seeing many transformations.


i continue to grow the confidence in myself and my practice.