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once a month i circle up with other men.  the circle is a supportive place to speak, share and listen.  what happens in the circle is kept in the circle, however i can speak of my experience.

i experienced language that i hope can help me going forward.  i experienced listening to the notion of intellect and embodied and there being distinct differences.

most concerning was my experience of the recently happening climate change activities.  by this i’m referring to experiencing how recent events are having an influence.

i’m starting to hear again things i heard ten years ago while as an undergraduate i considered the notion of peak oil and a response to this.  what i made was shown at quad in derby.

ten years on there is a new audience for the age of stupid.

in those 10 years a lot has been done and achieved, what might be possible to achieve in the the next 10 ?

what new work might i go onto make ?