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My mind will probably go faster but the making of art is likely to slow down. This is my expectation as I prepare to start my Masters of Research in Art: Theory and Philosophy at Central Saint Martins. My first lecture is next week.

The plan is to keep my studio practice going as much as I can although it won’t be easy as it is meant to be an intensive course. It will require a discipline to get myself to my studio in the first place but it’s important that I do as I’m hoping that my research will feed into and inform my practice and vice-versa.

As usual summer has interrupted my studio practice but I’ve made some progress over the last couple of weeks exploring my collage and paint endeavours. I have been enjoying working on my more simplistic work where I start with painting an acrylic ground and then follow it with collage. These works seem to have an energy and purity to them. There is something about the way the physical collage interrupts the paint and creates an opening that I would like to explore more.

In contrast to this I have also embarked upon mainly collage pieces which I shall be adding minimal paint to at some point with a view to playing with the connections between the shapes, light and shadows. This mainly focuses on interiors which I have deconstructed and then repeated bits of in places. These are more studies than finished works and as I work on them I am inclined to do all this digitally in future as I think the images lends themselves to be slick graphic works on paper (much like looking through the windows of a modern building).