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It’s the start of a new year and the start of new art work. Currently I am visiting my repository of photographs and cropping these in different ways – fragments of fragments in a sense and seeing how I alternatively view and present these. I am trying to apply an emotional neutrality, as if my take on things is simply a fleeting, temporal glimpse much like a photo on the move, before my attention focuses on to something else.

At the moment I am printing these off on Japanese paper which is meant to be suitable for an inkjet printer, although so far, the printing is not entirely successful. I’ll need to think about what to do about this. I will be collaging and painting within these – applying iterative processes but with different outcomes.

There are various other things I want to think about. One of these is how to use recycled material to print and paint upon, use as a base or frame within, whether this be old cardboard, scraps of wood, or alternative materials such metal scraps. Any suggestions welcome! Also I want to introduce new mark making mediums to my exploration and continue to play with and develop my art writing.