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We held our first (formal) meeting about the Project Space last week. We chose Chloe’s studio as the least uncomfortable of the three, she has proper chairs and a sofa for life models. An inspiring and productive meeting, leading us to feel fired-up and ready to leap into action. It was punctuated only by my going to stand in the side field to take a phonecall and cry with relief and happiness. i hope I didn’t upset the horses.

We each have various tasks to do and i seem to be in charge of some sort of web presence – how did that happen? The Presto Park model car group have now left so the Project Space To Be is at last empty and awaiting repairs and renovation. I think the front wall needs to be secured into a vertical position.

I wanted to call the space the Science Lab, but was out-voted, which is why three is a good number for committee or group decisions. Onwards!