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New Programming Meeting

The three of us met to discuss strategies (not many), wish-lists of events (very many) and who to invite to give a talk over the next few months. We hope that one of our speakers will discuss aspects of contemporary artmaking and rural cultures – pertinent and timely. Hopefully, we can tie this into our open-call residency during the local Aylsham Festival. Another provisionally booked speaker is active within performance and time-based, transient-work practice. there is also a plan for a video event in the Autumn, when nights are fair drawing in once more. We went off clutching a list of tasks each as per usual. I have to research and price projectors.

I have to say the refreshments during the meeting were below the usual standard, even for our studios. I resorted to an original flavour pot-noodle after the meeting. Standards are definitely slipping.

Dominique Rey