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I am collating the moving image works for the Topography Disarranged screening on 23rd May. Brilliant to have all these discs popping through the letterbox and to see the finished articles at last. My poor old computer is struggling with memory space, so fingers crossed as I transfer the data from the external drive. Just waiting for one last video now.

Edwin Rostron, one of the screening artists has been mulling the process over:

“I wasn’t really interested in making a film about what I already thought or felt about ‘landscape, dislocation and place’, but rather to react to these themes through the use of process. I restricted myself to working with one book as raw material, a detailed study of the British landscape in 1965 from a planning and architectural perspective. I wanted to take this very specific vision of the landscape, one both intellectual and outdated, and make it into something new, through a working process of self-enforced rules and restrictions, obstacles and chance.”


Edwin’s animation is a real delight!

Dominique Rey