on facebook this morning i made this announcement:



“next tuesday 16:08 i will make a 15 minute exhibition of new works on twitter.


the works are the results of my recent consideration of abstraction, following the recent mattes coolings documentary, the rules of abstraction.”


i noticed before posting that facebook auto correct had altered the art critic’s name. he gives me a hard time on facebook … so decided to leave the auto corrected version of his name.


does rather suggest a fictional art critic by that name… maybe another blog waiting to happen.


the twitter exhibition gives me a short term focus.


today i’m coming to terms with the realistic situation that yesterday i lost my ipod touch.

if it were a person it might have left home because i’m making friends with android.

in accepting that it’s gone i’m left thinking about what is on the device that i can be upset about loosing.

it’s loosing all those written memos of thoughts, ideas, little poems about things that made me feel upset.

i’m surprised i’m not more fraught with upset.  i’ve asked at the supermarket where i last had it in my hand and phoned the museum i went to later.

i see the benefits of constantly streaming data to the cloud.

all this happening on a day when there is a news report about the climate change thing in copenhagen. yet more talk about carbon reduction and fossill fuel stuff re energy generation.

i’m left wanting to use the cloud and have to trust those in the positions of maintaining the infrastructure to generate all the neccessary power to maintain the cloud for my useage in a manner that’s going to not make any worse the situation of the planet’s warming up.

those maintaning the infrastructure have known for a long time that the need to manintain the situation in a modified manner is required.

i’m sad i’ve lost my ipod touch and i’m sad that i’m considering increasing the burden on those maintaining the generation of power so that in the future when i loose something else, all my precious thoughts and ideas are stored safely in the cloud.

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to hours and twenty minutes before the deadline … submission made to a residency opportunity.

this one has been very significant – however the outcome of the submission goes. i spent weeks going around the houses and in the final week managed to find a focus to work with.  thing is the focus had always been there, i’d just not seen it, instead i was clutching at straws for new ideas and each time i can up with one almost immediately ejected it because it wasn’t the focus on which i’ve finally seen.

i’d given up on applying earlier in the week. i thank my friend for encouraging and helping me to make the words form into something meaningful.

so yes i can relax now, knowning that monday i have something to do.