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    October 02, 2014
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    November 01, 2014
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Forwards >

The Ard was one of the sites that Sarah and  I visited twice during our project and it seems to have a draw for us. I usually try to take my dog Nacho on a walk around The Ard in […]

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Bruce McLean: Sculpture, Painting, Photography, Film

Upon entering the exhibition space the sculpture Pipe Smoker greets you. This is quickly followed by the obligatory vinyl text blurb on the white wall situated next to a line of exhibition posters which allow an insight into the breadth […]

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Distributing video online

Video artist Anton Hecht – whose Youtube channel has over a million views – shares strategies on how to get views and feedback for video work published online.

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Desert storm
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Grace Ndiritu

Sara Raza on Grace Ndiritu, a young London based artist who is enjoying an upwards ascent with an impressive portfolio of national and international exhibitions, that present a fresh style of politics and performativity.

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New trading

International video artist Chris Oakley has launched a website aiming to redefine the way video art is traded and consumed.

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