what place for competitiveness?

this could have been my blog entry subject as i’ve enjoyed reading rob’s entry with the cycling video attached and it has resonated with my own recent realisation of ‘the sports context’ within what i do.

however this is going to be about another phase of development of the website and associated thinking about corridor arts dot org dot uk. there is a project on the distant horizon i have been giving how to present the project online. research within my own practice has drawn me to some new possibilities.

today i have been able to introduce a visual theme that supports touch-based mobile webkit devices. this means the nokia n8 still displays it in the standard theme. while i was at that i’ve added a more efficient method of displaying event information and as a consequence works within the mobile theme too. i have some other development things to investigate too.

corridor for me is a fun interesting creative project. as i wait for the result of my grants for the arts application, i reflect that as the corridor project is essentially about collaboration, all those fun creative things i currently do collaboratively have a place within the corridor website. oh and something else i will be adding soon, seo of images.

corridor is my fun evening and weekend project. i know that when i’m having fun that i produce fun things. when we began the corridor project there was a seriousness about what we were doing, which was good, however we were not able to set a ceiling on that seriousness. at times it got slightly out of hand. it got slightly in the way of just going out and making interventions in the woods, taking photographs of trees on walks and playing with paint and drawing.

i now have a handlable seriousness within my personal practice, leaving me to have fun with my creativity and those others around me.

the feelings are good.

the optimism is rising.