the review is ready to go !


and i find myself wanting to make the most of pressing the create and publish button.

i know from experience that when i’ve published something and then spent time promoting it i’ve felt rather under prepared for the promoting bit.

this time … i’m preparing the promoting before i launch the review.

part of this preparing is ensuring that the corridor website is up to date and the same is true for my own practice website.  this need to be at one within what i’m doing is another benefit of the go and see burarsy that in no way had been expected.

it’s helping me professionally from a point of view of being comfortable with what i’m doing, despite being sans plaudits all around me.  i too readily dis what i do if i don’t get immediate gratification of applause.

i see it as a much longer term thing.  what i do today will be helpful sometime at a as yet undesignated time in the future.

currently i am able to maintain my optimism :)


our go and see bursary experience has become a three part experience.  today i am feeling that our third part is nearing completition.

since part 2 in september i’ve been working to create the review of the whole experience. it’s been an interesting task to complete as it’s pushed my ideas of what a review can be.

today i’m sensing that each phase has presented different challenges to overcome.  i’m surprised at just how good this has been for me.

working with chris we are close to arriving at our go and see bursary review. i’m not sure if it captures the intense personal experience of being at grizedale and the subsequent more professional nature of reflecting on the visit.

i guess i’m not actually going to be able to disseminate what my day on the silurian trail was like, unless i consider it in terms of a performance and communicate the feeling of being at one with myself, the highs of dicovering sculptures and the intensity of the physical achievement of getting around the trail.

the thing is that all of these are location and time specific.

the other aspect of writing the review i’m finding challenging is how to end it.   i sense that i haven’t read enough of other reviews to get a sense of what a majority view is.