corridor arts have been awarded a go and see bursary from a n. we’ve known about it for six months.

as we prepare to make the visit, i want to record aspects of the journey so far,  as part of the agreement with a n is to write a review of the process. writing is something that i have to be in a certain mental space to do well and being in receipt of the bursary has been a step up to doing things well.

we’ve always set out to do things well, the importance of the bursary to us is the connection with a n.

i’ve found in the last four years that it’s really easy to set things up to do oneself, if one has the drive and determination to want to achieve it. this has been especially important at a time when the mass message about arts and culture in the uk has been associated to cut backs and things not happening.

so doing things voluntarily is good and the personal risk to doing this is feeling that the effort one puts in isn’t getting you anywhere.

the awarding of the bursary gave us a confidence boost that our extended peer group backed us and followed us in what we had been doing and what we wanted to do next.

the application process was straightforward and having been on an application workshop in february was aware of the pitfalls of generting generic words within an application.

in reflecting now about the journey of the last six months, i can see that i need to make some posts to unpack that journey and consider what i’ve learnt along the way.