still the review remains incomplete.  i still have some questions and i’m hoping that i’ll be able soon ask them.

the visit made possible by the #goandseebursary made a big impression on me. as each day passes from that time i’m able to reflect that bit more objectively. this morning i’ve rewritten the review, included more images and have started to make it a little more interesting … at least i hope that’s the case.


of course the benefit of collaborative working is that there is someone else to run the words by … do these encompass what we did, what we felt, how we felt inspired …. ?


still i learn more about myself and how i work.  those days of feeling unsettled helping me to know that something is resolved when i get a clear enough head to work with words.


there was something else i wanted to add here …. oh yes !!  the moving onto the project in which we’ll use what we learnt at grizedale !


i’ve begun the mediation of the project today by hinting at when we’ve finished writing the review for the go and see funded visit we can work on the next exhibiting opportunity.  i’ve got it out there about how this will be outdoors …


i am getting close to publishing the review and moving onto the project …. the project in which we’ll produce an art walk ….


i’m looking forward to blogging about it the coming months. xx


i return today to finishing off the review for our #goandseebursary .


from a review of twitter i saw that my review needed to answer a question we’d set ourselves.  today i’ve emailed hayley at grizedale to ask some questions so that the question might be answerable.


for now the review will need to remain as a draft.