i’m preparing words for a press release about the trail for a county wide magazine and i’m being very selective about what i write. i’d really like to include:

This year has very much been about the process. We set out a long callout period so that those wishing to take part had a bounded space in which to play and experiment if they so desired. We saw an opportunity with the trail to extend beyond the everyday need to make things to sell to pay the bills. If you like we’re exploring creativity in a pure form.

in an article that is word count specified and for a general viewing public i decided that these words should remain as notes for the editor.

i also note that in choosing the theme journey of favourites that we’ve attracted a very diverse range of contributor backgrounds. obviously again i want to record this somewhere and this blog has got my vote today. our range is from someone who “doesn’t see myself as an artist in the formal sense of the word” to an ma graduate from the royal college of art.

i am of course writing this blog today to try to bolster my drive to complete the production of the trail as at times it’s incredibly draining waiting for business owners to return messages confirming that they are willing to exhibit a work for a few weeks. after the trail has been completed i think i need to discuss with the rest of the group as to wether the model we use for the trail needs refining to make it sustainable long term.