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there’s a lovely feeling about getting to the point on a friday afternoon when i realise i have the head space and photos to put together a post about my week.

after the weekend of discomfort – my week has been ok.



i’ve learnt about p.u.w.e.r.   this is the provision and use of equipment – it seems to be a little known thing.  with my on going involvement with derby museums mobile museum of making #themakory the knowledge of puwer and equipment is an essential part of that involvement.  amongst other things i can now safely change the blade on a narrow bandsaw.

i found the training really interesting and very tiring.  i kept myself going this week until about 2pm today, at which point i let the tiredness wash over me and i sat happy in the knowledge that there was nothing more to do today.



today has been important.

today i’ve been to the silk mill site office and started dialogues with the project and site managers of the construction project.

reflecting about the meeting i can see how i was a little daunted about it – the whole nature of negotiating with construction professionals to access a live building site.  the puwer training had made me aware of new aspects of health and safety – being at the silk mill site office today has taken this to a whole new level.



thinking about it – all of us in the office were in the same boat in terms of being at the beginning of discovering what the work looks like.   i see my role in this early stage to build trust and relationship while getting familiar with the construction site and the plans for the building.

i’m keeping a separate blog about the non linear project here.



in  picking up the non linear project and reconnecting to all that goes with it.  now in the third tranche(t3) when considering the first two – i’ve covered so much professional ground.

in t3 i want to have more voices.  this is going to be a challenge and i’m up for it.

t3 also has a coproduction aspect.  under the guidance of sue ball and museum staff we’re working with volunteers to co produce the arts and heritage programme.  my project will directly benefit from human centred design processes helping to answer tricky questions about the installed work.  if i step back and look at the whole thing – i’m slightly daunted again.



other more familiar aspects of this week have been the making of paper roses and watching a 6 man rapper team in a derby pub.




golly – its been a busy week !


if you’ve not experienced a rapper team –  heres  a taster.


have a great weekend.  xx