november 2016 : the first period of filming capturing the museum’s model railway, ground floor public activity and behind the scenes looks at the stores and the social club used by the electricity board during their residency in the building, ending in the 1970’s

may  – september 2017 : the second tranche is filmed.  post production takes until january 18.

january 2018 : questions set in november 17 are answered and the second tranche is submitted to doc fest 18.

march 18 : filming in the nearly decanted museum.

july 18 : filming in the empty spaces of the building.

november 18 : present shimmering place to the mina symposium, melbourne, australia.

march 2019 : begin tranche 3 (t3) filming onsite and offsite.

august 2019 : first prototype.

september 2019 : first prototype with hardware shared in co production meeting.

january 2020 : editing begins.

april 2020 : arts and heritage volunteers zoom meeting catch up (during covid-19 lockdown)



so here we all are in april 2020 – global pandemic with national lockdown… there’s no easy way to begin this post than to get it right out there – my thoughts are with all those who are affected adversely by the situation.



i’m writing this in preparation for the zoom meeting later today and listening to the third track from the music to work to form the shared playlist below.

through our arts and heritage journey we’ve met in many different locations and i’m looking forward to what the zoom environment might be like.

for the record the meeting is being hosted by sue and gemma –  red, toni and myself are presenting where we are in our respective projects and there will be opportunities for those within the zoom meeting to ask questions.



in january i took on a studio space at haarlem artspace with the plan that i could focus on the work i need to do to complete the non linear project.  little did any of us anticipate where we might find ourselves in april.


while we are in lockdown i’m able to maintain some level of focus and work at home on the dining room table.



in the previous post i talked about the drafting of edits.  for those of you new to this blog, i completed the research phase towards the end of 2019 and as we broke into the new decade embarked on the creation of edits for the work.  all the content i want to use from the main site has to be signed off by the main contractor now.  the process currently needs reviewing.


at the end of march (a week into the lockdown) google reminded me i’ve been on site for a year now.



seeing the images was quite emotional and as we progress towards news of a possible extension to the lockdown, i do wonder what delays – if any – there might be to the museum of making project.



from the recent research i’ve done with zoom i decided to not share any video during my presentation – instead making a selection of frame grabs and telling a storey from those.

for the meeting i’ll be using this post as a source of images and after the meeting share it to the google group.



as you might already know the workshops at the museum of making have been operational for some time.  in february i made my first visit and caught up with andy and some of the volunteers.



the spaces are so light and airy compared to the prototyping versions.  when i visited, the volunteers were working on the carcasses and draws for the accessible storage on the second floor.


up on the second floor progress is clearly visible – i was on site while the core team were working to form the frames and place some of the shelves.



another noticeable progression on site is the return of the model railway.  up on the second floor the shelves from storage now reside and the volunteers have temporarily taken over the co pro hub as a basis for the more detailed work to continue.





my process involves going backwards and forwards in time.  from being on site to revisiting past visits in the edit – to eventually bring everything into the moment for the visitor to experience.

before the current situation arose sue and i had managed to resolve both the location and form of the work.  the work’s interpretation has been started and is well progressed.



i know toni’s work will be on the first floor within the main gallery.  i’ve had a little look over images from there  …



in the first batch of approved videos were a collection of edits involving the site engineer.



i’m currently working on edits featuring workmen on site in various roles.



my current work schedule is based around needing to work with content created within the building so the main contractor can approve it – before they finish on site.



one of the really enjoyable aspects of going into the silk mill are the moments when i see something for the first time…



these present me with an interesting challenge of how to include them in the final work.  similarly there are aspects of the renovation work i’m yet to consider how to include, for example the installation of the new lift near the entrance to the workshop.



so to sum up.


i feel in a good place.  i have good working knowledge of the content already created and know what i need to support this.

soon the main site of the museum of making will shift from construction to recant and i’m yet to think about how i might cover this.

alongside the work on site i have the content from the model railway,  stores, previous years and spoken testimonials from 3 of the collections team.

with the edits now feeding through the path of creation and approval, my immediate work is to continue with this and keep up to date with the evolving situation we all find ourselves in.

the editing of collections testimonial and associated footage is something i’m looking forward to.   it’s bound to further fuel the question of how does this feed into the overriding story?

in the coming months i’ll pick up the non linear programming and  feed in the new edits.  thinking about it now, the prospect of doing this work excites me greatly.


…and of course somethings remain the same – working in the non linear format continues to be challenging and i love it because of this.



i’ve really enjoyed taking the time to consider where i am in the project and hopefully the sharing at the meeting went well too.

keep safe and i look forward to when we can all meet face to face again.




as we approached the start of 2020 i felt an excitement at the thought of later in 2020 the non linear work will be finished and viewable in the museum.

what to call the work remains a mystery and as we get closer to the installation i’m confident that a title will emerge as the work itself starts to appear from the research.

the working relationship with sue ball remains an important aspect of the work – our conversations allow for reflections/investigations into the recent progress and how that might manifest itself in the coming weeks.

recently the first set of footage for sign off by the main contractor has been delivered.  i’m happier about this part of the process now, having been able to accept it into the workflow.

in preparing the footage, the research has taken me into how might the words of those working onsite narrate the edits and how might the narration inform the edits.

with the major building work starting to be completed i’ve begun having conversations with those involved to generate potential narrative elements.  this is challenging as those working on site are very focused on their tasks.  often the conversation will be just a minute or so.  i do believe the final work will be of more interest with voices from site telling the story.

as well as visiting the main site i’ve continued to visit the model railway volunteers to follow their progress.  they’ve told me about the new digital control system and witness for myself the beginnings of the journey to rewire all the boards that go to make the layout.

what else can i say?

oh yes, recently i’ve spoken at length with rachel, one of only a handful of women onsite at the silk mill.  she looks after the mechanical aspects of the work.  part of our conversation was around the installation of the underfloor heating in the civic hall and ducting in the gallery.

all the way through this work i’ve had one eye on what’s happening right now and what’s coming up in the next few weeks.

the next block of editing is around the renovation of the windows.

making a non linear work is not without its challenges.  if the project were linear we’d be working to a particular narrative with me as the auteur looking to be build and resolve tension – in a traditional documentary sense.

part of the research is to establish a starting point for the editing process.  i’ve been successful in this and from this foundation i can sense what other narrative blocks i want to create.  the sense i have in creating the blocks then inform the keyword linking within the non linear project and from there the work is almost complete !

sue tells me we’re in good shape with this project.  soon we’ll have the installed environment ready to be signed off and the reality of the work being in the museum of making aligns itself with the museum being finished and open.  its an awesome project to be involved with and i’m so excited by the thought of the coming months with the move from building work to recanting the collections.  between you and me i’m also looking forward to when i can go to the museum of making and not need the ppe required to be on site currently!


the metaphoric white wash has been applied to the metaphoric canvas – the time has been reached where the research i’ve done is trimmed and backed up to create a space in which the work can continue.

all of the recent months orbiting conversations kind of resolved themselves on tuesday – thank you sue ball for your continued support and understanding – i’m so pleased you are the producer for the arts and heritage programme at the museum of making at derby silk mill.



since our tuesday conversation a feeling of vulnerability has emerged for me – in connection to sharing the proposed footage with the main building contractor for their sign off.  intellectually i know it’ll all be ok – at other levels there are concerns.

so ignoring the concerns – i’ve come up with a plan for how to begin this next phase of the process and i feel really energised again when i think about it all.

where the intention sits now has renewed foundation.  all in all what i’ve been carrying around has started to find place where it’s all comfortable and meaningful.



tidying up all the research files has been very cathartic, way more than i would have expected it to be.  even in the digital domain its possible to create and make a mess !  tidying up has certainly helped my moral and motivation – i know where everything is now !

the presentation environment is nearing being fully resolved.  i have to admit i didn’t expect it to be so involved and i can say now that it’ll be evolved from where it had got to in the arts and heritage meetings and i’ll happily talk through all thats gone on if you would like to know more.

there’s a buzz in my fingers as i anticipate the coming days, weeks and months.





the weather got the better of us yesterday – the latest co pro meeting cancelled as the weather closed in on derby and derbyshire.  a week ago the derwent was so high the ground floor of the mill became victim to water ingress – a once in 15 year occurrence.

on site yesterday i experienced how cold and harsh a place the site is and still the work continues.  i caught up with the recent work on the third floor and stories of the flood last friday.

in amongst all the building works and weather conditions are the people who make the museum of making.  all as important as each other as they all have their part to play – if one of them didn’t do what they did the project would be worse off because of it.

one of the aspects of the project i would have talked about last night is why is this an artist project – i’m still asking questions of myself and the work – still i search for a title.

since september the experience of being on site has evolved for me.  i’ve got to know a little those regularly working on site – those who want to talk and those who don’t.   as an artist on site i’m now starting to migrate more to those who show interest and wanting to engage – those who see value in what they are doing relative to the on going history of the building.  some talk of bringing their grand children to the museum when it’s open.

reflecting upon my experience yesterday i’m reminded about how the building needs people and people need the building.  my work will need people to complete the intention and its this intention that continues to circle and be reiterated.  at the meeting last night i was planning on speaking and recording myself to help me gain more insight into the research i’ve been doing so far.


“there are lots of things to do in life”

jorge lorenzo 2019.


reflecting this morning about the recent months – i’ve been drawn into exchanges that have diluted me away from investigating the core intention.  i’ve had to get involved as the matters directly have impact upon the work being shown in the museum upon opening, this has been about the content and the viewing environment.  i look forward to the rescheduled arts and heritage meeting where i am happy to say more about this.

outside the clouds are starting to clear and a #bluesky starts to emerge.  the ongoing filming continues and we move one day at a time towards seeing for ourselves the finished museum of making – making for ourselves in the museum of making.



friday lunchtime and an opportunity to catch my breath after two highly charged weeks.  throughout them i’ve received help, support and good vibes from sue ball, the museum of making’s arts and heritage producer.  sue acts as a buffer zone to the rest of the project and i need to publicly thank sue for the recent baring with while i work through recent events.

these events are pivotal around the recent co production meeting.  i’ve heard full time members of the museum staff talk about their experiences of the challenging (at times) nature of working this way.

for me the challenges are taking time to process and arrive at a means of employing the learning i have made.



the iterative nature of the process we’re involved with means that for each time we take stock of where this project is there are many new questions.  these wander into questioning aspects that for me already felt like they had been answered.

in the last week i’ve been through something akin to getting back into the saddle of a horse that threw me off.

this experience even extended to the nature of filming on site at the mill.  i’ll not fully divulge what threw me – it’s an internal matter that as an artist on site i am aware of yet still needs to be addressed.



while i’ve been working through various things i’ve also been in lengthy discussions with sue about the nature of the installation in the museum.

the placing of a work in a museum is a new experience and a lot different from the placing in a white cube.   there are oh so many considerations and interested parties.  what i’m holding onto is that everyone involved wants the best for the work so when ideas about its presentation emerge – outside of where i currently think about the work –  i examine the idea and go with the flow by testing and checking in with the idea.



summing it all up.  i went into the co pro meeting pretty sure where i was within the realisation of the work.  afterwards i felt like the whole thing had been shaken and the less well attached pieces had come adrift.  in looking to replace them within the work, there are opportunities to take stock and wonder if there might be another way to do this.  it’s tested my resilience.  i am beginning now to feel back on it and i look to what i now go onto to do to make the work stronger.

between you and me i’m daunted at the moment of the amount of work it feels like there is to do now.  my immediate plan is to test out latest ideas for the core concept of the work and look to once tested, implement them and create a third prototype.

reflecting on the co pro process – i’ve opened myself up to experience and be part of it.  in time i hope that wobbles of late make large benefits in the long term.  this will be realised as i put the work in in the next couple of months.

i fill my lungs and prepare to make the next step.