november 2016 : the first period of filming capturing the museum’s model railway, ground floor public activity and behind the scenes looks at the stores and the social club used by the electricity board during their residency in the building, ending in the 1970’s

may  – september 2017 : the second tranche is filmed.  post production takes until january 18.

january 2018 : questions set in november 17 are answered and the second tranche is submitted to doc fest 18.

march 18 : filming in the nearly decanted museum.

july 18 : filming in the empty spaces of the building.

november 18 : present shimmering place to the mina symposium, melbourne, australia.

march 2019 : begin tranche 3 (t3) filming onsite and offsite.

august 2019 : first prototype.

september 2019 : first prototype with hardware shared in co production meeting.

january 2020 : editing begins.

april 2020 : arts and heritage volunteers zoom meeting catch up (during covid-19 lockdown)

september 2020 : prototype 4 for arts and heritage volunteer catch up meeting and creative team sign off of interface.

december 2020 : final visit to site under main contractor control.  (laterly through delays caused by materials supply etc the main contractor hand over was delayed)

february 2021 : the hardware for the work arrives on site.



so it’s now february and the internals of the museum have taken shape and the recant of the collections is well underway.  the non linear work now has a presence on site with the installation of the hardware.



this week saw a special day in the arts and heritage programme, red’s work was installed and both myself and toni buckby were on site with our respective works.  it was the first time all three works had been in the museum at the same time.  i was so pleased for sue ball of maap.  she’s worked tirelessly to support all three of us to realise the three works included in the museum of making.  both toni and i are still finishing of the respective works.  this week we’ve had a first look at the non linear work in situ.


following on from these initial on site tests i have an idea of what i need to do to further optimise the content of the work.  for example i hadn’t anticipated how the surround material might influence the sound through resonance etc.  again with this work i’m in a period of learning and applying that new knowledge.


the pandemic is still with us and my thoughts go out to those effected by it.  there’s a plan for a soft opening of the museum and i continue to work with this in mind.




in december the large array of site offices were removed – i was there to capture the process for the project and to have a look inside the museum.  the heating was on !!

i’m looking forward to returning to site in the new year, to film more, to see the installed hardware and to work towards completing the project.




happy new year everyone.  here’s to opening the museum of making in 2021.


in the original plan, december 2020 was to have been the first open festive period for the museum of making.   following the impact of the covid-19 pandemic this year, we’re a little behind where we thought we would be and as unsettled as i am – i am ok about this.

work on site has been progressing and i was able to see this for myself in october.  while on site i filmed once again.  soon will be my last visit to the museum while its classed as a building site.



the above screenshot is from the work’s still developing human interface.  i’m pleased with how that’s going and to share with you further screenshots from ‘initialisation’ and ‘run’






work on installing the hardware is progressing well and it’s getting closer to when this will happen.

lately i’ve been reflecting on the self inflicted stress of “have i enough voices in this work?”  and you know what, i think there is and i’ve not fully processed all the content i have yet.

i guess part of the process is to wonder – continually !!




after 5 months of the most strangest time, i’m preparing for another arts and heritage volunteers met to share, discuss and catch up with the three artist commissions that will be permanently installed in the museum of making.

in those 5 months we’ll have had our own experiences of the covid-19 pandemic and collectively we now prepare for whatever next might happen with it.

during those months i wasn’t 100% certain about wether the museum opening would be delayed so maintained a level of moving the project forward.  i’m glad to say there’s a planned opening in 2021.

so what am i going to be talking about in the meeting ?  it’s prototype 4 !!

in this version the interface with accessibility options is up for testing and feedback.  the content of this version is some of the signed off video of the construction work at the museum of making.  the main caveat of this prototype is i still have a lot of work to do on the linking of clips, and as i add more content this will continue to evolve.



with the interface i’ve wandered into a graphic design headspace and i’m enjoying the playful feel to what’s happening as a result.



i’m looking forward to sharing the interface with the volunteers and staff and hearing their reactions.



the project is starting to feel a lot more real – we’re discussing hardware installation dates and when the main contractor will prepare to leave the site.

somehow i need to get back into the mill for one last filming session prior to the main contractor leaving.  once the meeting is complete i’ll be able to look forward into the diary and start to negotiate what might be possible, given the current level of guidance and restrictions.

after christmas with the building handed back to the museum trust, i plan to go back in and film aspects of the recant of the museum collections.

in the meantime i’m working through editing the footage i already have.  during lockdown i spent time arranging clips so this process now will be as smooth and as efficient as possible.  with so much content to work through i am really mindful of time efficiency when i sit down to work.

one last thing i’ll add at this time – the project feels like its starting to come to me.  what do i mean?  for long periods last year i was filming and filming with not really knowing what the project would look like.  now as i share prototype 4 and think about the coming weeks of work i have much more of a sense of what the work is – it’s coming to me.  i hope i’ve gone a little way of explaining this.

i’m looking forward to the meeting and the coming weeks of adding content into the project.



footnote from meeting.

we heard how red had first approached the museum 11 years ago to discuss the possibility of creating a derby lockout image as part of his hidden histories series.  i had no idea the discussion had been so long !

we also heard from toni how her work is the culmination of an 8 year journey for her.

it got me thinking about the work i’m making.  in 2011 i chanced upon the non linear concept.  at the time they were refered to as  database narrative films.  the concept of having a database of narrative units and the relationship of these to the viewer lit me up at the time and i began a journey of discovery of possibilities.

last night i found it all rather poetic.


speaking of the pandmic feels like an important thing to do and to reflect a little here so in years to come we’ll look back and see what it was like.

in the previous post i spoke about how i was going to set up the dining table to work on and indeed it saw me sat there for a lot of time.

with the uncertainty of the pandemic came delay with my progress within this project.  for several months i maintained a slow ahead both position in case the museum did suddenly get finished.

when news was available it confirmed how pandemic had affected the progress on site and for me this was a relief – to know what was going on.



yesterday i packed up the dining table.  i was in a place where i felt ready to go back to the studio and resume working – to rebuild momentum with the non linear project felt the right thing to do.



i moved back into the studio and prepared myself for working today.




the uncertainty of covid-19 remains.


one of our daughters had come home from work on sunday with the beginnings of a cold.  she’d worked 5 days straight and as a teenager the whole looking after oneself isn’t yet a cool thing to do.

yesterday afternoon while i was out she started to cough a little.

today was meant to be her first day at college.  she’s done the responsible thing and stayed home.  the family is going to self isolate based on an interpretation of three sentences on a website.  we can’t yet find a local test.

the guidelines say we need to isolate for 14 days – despite no clinical diagnosis and no available tests.

i feel uneasy as today was going to be me in the studio following through a plan.  i do have the minimum resources to do this at home; however, it doesn’t yet feel the right thing to do.



some minutes later …

a test has been found and booked nearby for later today.  getting a test now alters everything.  within 48 hours we’ll have a clinical diagnosis and either a remaining part of 14 days with good reason or being able to return back to what we’re calling normal.


i expect that our storey is very common and actually becoming quite normal.


i think what i’ve taken from today is something will guide me into how to include references to how the pandemic impacted upon working on site at the museum of making.   i do have an idea …


i am becoming motivated to work once again.



— update —- the result was negative.