i really must clean the front room windows, the puppy has been doing her nose art thing again and the view of the outside is muted because of it.

i’m looking for the words to begin my post about my recent progress in the process.  i’m surprised i’ve not written about this project for sometime.  this is very much an indication of just how busy the summer was for me.  time to do with not much for reflection.

today i have the excited feeling of looking forward to doing more in the post production process for the film tomorrow.

since picking up the project on monday i’ve experienced the unfamiliar feeling all the way through to the feeling of owning it.

the work i had already done has seen me make progress with knowing what the concept of the film is a bit more clearly.  i was thinking about this as i drove to a forest school session this afternoon.  at the very beginning of this iteration the concept of what the realised project was was so big i didn’t know where the bounds of the concept were.

through filming and reviewing, i’m slowly discovering what the concept feels like.  this morning the keywords that drive the non linear film appeared clearer  as assembly of narrative units started to number more.

i’m writing this before dinner so please bare with me if my words get a little tangled.  i hear the cooker timer beep, i’ll continue to write for as long as i can,

i’m enjoying the feeling of owning the film and i’m talking about  that arms out swagger feeling good kind of ownership.

taking a moment to reflect about when this feeling began i can safely say it was after watching the nick cave documentary and something he says in that documentary lighting me up towards a title.

since having a title …

…. i take a moment to avoid writing a very cliched account.

it’s getting dark so i pause to put on the room light.  once again the laptop keyboard is in focus, the sky outside looks like the middle a grey scale tonal card.

getting back to the title thing…  all summer i made notes for ideas of titles.  they were all ok yet none of them had that frisson of excitement i wanted.

with the title in place the rest has begun to follow.

one aspect of non linear film making i always seem to overlook is the large number of decisions needed to be made in the edit and authoring processes.  very much like how the museum of making research was an iterative process, the making of this non linear film is also very iterative.  each new narrative unit adding to the fine balance of keywords with existing units being edited to become more in line with where the make up of the project currently is.

i’m sorry i don’t have any images to share with you yet of the project.  i’m simply not quite at the jpg editing phase yet.

one thing i’m really hoping to do soon is get a working draft on line so i can share it with my group at the museum who i share such things with.

time for food now :)