mina is the mobile innovation network and association and is based at Swinburne University of Technology in melbourne australia.  in 2018 the mina symposium was in it’s eighth iteration sitting alongside the 8th International Mobile Innovation Screenings.  i took part in the symposium through an invite i received after submitting shimmering place to the screening callout.  interestingly the innovation network struggles to show non linear projects at it’s screening event.

i’d known for several months that i would be part of the event and i have to admit that the night before i had forgotten till quite late that i would need to get up early to participate in the event.



the speaker up before me was also from the uk and their presentation was an except from a longer presentation about a recently published book.

the scary thing for me being part of the symposium was that i was working alongside professors and phd students.  the symposium organiser opting for an adobe connect meeting room to connect us all around the world.  i felt a little sorry for the speaker before me – we couldn’t hear the words that accompanied the images.

when it came to my presentation i wasn’t expecting to hear my own words so all was ok.



i’ve worked internationally quite a lot this year .   this experience was i think the best one i’d had of working internationally by using the bus – i could be part of the event in australia via the connect link, despite at first not hearing anything.



was there irony connected to my linear presentation about a non linear work ? if there was it so went unnoticed.  i did for a while explore how might i make my presentation non linear and i might still do that.  back in march at the silk mill i did give a non linear presentation to the arts and heritage group via having lots of resources available and using the conversation as a basis to select what resources to show.  given the very academic context of this event i felt i needed to go with the suggestion of a 10 minute presentation made as a video.  what i didn’t know until the being at the event was how much my presentation diverted from the academic approach.  i wasn’t too sure about what i’d made before hand.  having gone through the experience i am happy that i gave an energetic presentation that did indeed take the viewers inside the korsakow project – as promised in the symposium programme notes.



the presentation after mine was about artificial intellignece and i surprised to see the industrial revolution referenced within it.  upon reflection the industrial revolution was innovative so why shouldn’t it be in the same paragraph as ai ?  personally i might not fully yet be on board with all the range of ai potential – something else in common with the industrial revolution ? maybe !


once we got into q&a the sound did start to work and there were some questions asked of me and the project.   the time delay took a little getting used to.





a few days later i was outside the silk mill to see the early stages of the on site portacabin array.  amazingly the temporary buildings are compliant with flood defences.  the level of detail of the building work still continues to amaze me.