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It has been a while since I have blogged, mainly because I have been focusing on finishing my final dissertation for my Masters followed by a certain amount of flummoxing about with family commitments mixed with needing to not do very much at all.

I am very happy to say I was awarded a distinction for my Masters. As I have said before, I very much enjoyed the course and found out quite a lot about myself in the process, particularly in respect to how much I enjoyed researching and writing. My final piece was a diarised performative piece of writing about a day in my life on a journey to my studio woven together with philosophical and theoretical context discussing the thinking and imagining that takes place during this journey. I brought in different voices such as a French character, a pigeon, an antique bowl, my grandmothers plait and a blue plastic bag.

What is next I wonder? I am very keen to keep the momentum going. I am looking into residencies and other projects. I have been doing some gentle perusing of undertaking a PHD but this requires a lot more detailed and thorough thought and investigation. It is probably more important for me at this point to explore the wider genre of performative writing, particularly in relation to art practice.

I am starting to get back to my studio although will use the space for more than producing visual art. I definitely see my art practice as having stretched out, fingering and entwining art-writing in combination and synthesis with my practical mixed media work.

I include within my blog today a few extracts from my Masters of Research Art: Theory and Philosophy dissertation. I hope you enjoy them.