I wonder if this will work? A huge by-product of my UCS Degree-course in Fine Art was getting to grips with computers. As a technology virgin I feel that I became a whole woman through my interaction with Apples and Microsoft during the years from 2010-2013 but I still have vast gaps in my understanding. Why oh why did you have to change the format just after I’d finally cracked the art of blogging? This new version is still a mystery to me. I can’t seem to fathom how to add or delete a blog entry. I’ve just about given up on my posh new Artists Blog so after reading my friend Ceri’s blog I’m trying to add stuff to my old student blog. I did enjoy blogging and want to do it again if I can discover how.

Will it work, I wonder??? I’m going to press publish and hope. Then if it works I might try again.

All sympathetic replies will be answered….. if I can work out how to…. help please

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