The feelings I had at this moment in time came flooding back as I engaged with the paint. The chance image created during the work on the larger canvas and later by dividing it into several smaller pieces, has been exaggerated into a frightening figure from my past. By pouring on alternate dark and light colours, letting them run over puddles of water and then emphasising certain marks with a small brush and bits of paint-drenched card, I began to imagine myself back in another time and place. Lastly I began to scrub out some areas – wiping out the memories? and to drag my fingers through the wet paint – trying to escape.

Here are a couple of close-ups of the image.

Maybe there is a sense of the tension and fear I felt at the time?

Not sure if the painting works generally but it does make me shiver a little so perhaps getting closer to what I want my paintings to achieve


I have been looking at this latest large painting which was influenced by research into Jackson Pollocks work. Initially it seemed to work but there is something wrong.

My Reflective Journal is at last making sense to me. Through re-reading the commentary on various visits and experiences I recognise two distinct threads which have emerged.

  1.  My work is about communicating  the concept of being in a place and time. I intend to achieve this by representing all of the senses which constitute human consciousness.
  2. The exploration of the processes employed to make such images is constantly developing in fresh methods and materials.

The process constitutes the element of research in my MA course. Painting  is a language more powerful than the written or spoken word. I felt that my large painting had ceased to speak to me about it’s original starting point of the ancient rocky landscape of Leicestershire. The power of the area had diminished in my memory. Feeling slightly angry about the memories it evoked, I cut it into several pieces.

Two of theses suggested other scenarios on which I intend to work. It will be interesting if these new thoughts can be communicated by the subsequent alterations and additions.

This is the first new image after it was cut from the larger canvas. I can see at least one figure here which I shall develop into an abstract memory. I hope the viewer will interpret their own ideas which may be quite significantly different to mine. The fact that the starting point is still there for me is important and will form part of the process of metamorphosis of the image.


Went to London with UOS MA group last week. Several standout experiences. William Kentridge at the Whitechapel… a super gallery which,to my shame….had never visited before! A fascinating exhibition…not normally on my to-do list as it was mostly installations and video films. But in the gallery setting it came to life and there was plenty of evidence that he can actually draw exquisitely . So I forgave him and relished in the eccentricity of it all. Well worth a visit…in fact I may even revisit as it was the last place on the itinerary and was feeling quite exhausted by then.

The first place was The Infinite Mix. A blockbuster show in a very imaginative and different venue. A series of video installations some of which left me cold. A film of a hip-hop random performance in a carpark somewhere in Africa, and a 3-D boringly long film of trees in the dark ??? – not my cup of tea….even our tutors turned away in some embarrassment. But a hollowgraph of an opera-singer in a very dark place seemingly floating towards us from a distant corridor was magical. The star turn, however was a multi-layered video with a stunning voiceover and soundtrack leaving  us all speechless. All the videos were in large very dark spaces where you stood or sat on the floor…no seats which gave them a wonderful immersive quality. Quite indescribable but a MUST-SEE. I could watch that one endlessly….in fact think I’ve just talked myself into a return visit….must check the dates.

Lastly I nipped into the Rodin show at the Courtauld which was ethereally beautiful – quite small and manageable. Such delicate little drawings with pure economy of line, which gave me inspiration for the life class I am currently attending.

Finally a return visit to the RA and the Abstract Expressionism had to be squeezed in. Our tutor pointed out some flaws in the curation which I hadn’t noticed before but had to agree. Although with such massive canvases to hang it was an almost impossible task I should think. This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend a talk by Ben Street on Jackson Pollock. Ben wrote the audio-guide and was involved in the curation of the show….more of Pollock in my next blog. And finally, we managed to see a lovely selection of Robert Motherwell’s work … for sale!…  dream on, at a private gallery across from the RA.

A brilliant day out even if rather a lot to take in! But every time I visit galleries it reinforces the absolute necessity to be present in front of paintings rather than looking at reproductions on paper or computer screens. They give off an aura which cannot be felt in any other way.


Latest floor painting. Frankenthaler stained colours, now to add some Pollock- inspired dribbles and splashes ! It’s about my solo arrival in Queensland back in 1990 with just a backpack and nowhere fixed to stay….a magical moment in my life.

Went to a great lecture yesterday at Gainsborough’s House by Ben Street MA on Jackson Pollock. Ben was a brilliant enthusiastic speaker and he has written, though doesn’t speak, the audio-guide at the RA exhibition on Abstract Expressionism. His talk was so illuminating on Jackson’s work and on the RA show too. Shall have to go back for my 3rd visit now with increased insight.

The talk was followed by a bio-pic of Pollock’s life which was grim. I’m sure they spiced it up a bit for the film but what a life. Full of admiration for Lee Krasner for coping with him. She must have been a saint.

But very inspired by Pollack’s work and can’t wait to try out more floor-painting. I’ve already tried it but keen to do more. Just need to find an empty barn somewhere to really expand the canvas size.