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Well I went to the inaugural Shed meeting of  UOS alumni… all a bit serious but am sure it will evolve into something more lively. Have decided not to go up on stage for an expensive handshake to collect my MA but quite like the idea of the celebratory lunch with the rest of my MA group afterwards on October 14.

Have started teaching again. One of the group is 95 !!! Thought I was the oldest artist in the world but no. And actually she is the most promising member of the group in some ways as has not been life-long artist so is coming to it fresh and eager to learn without ingrained prejudices….refreshing. But as for  teaching again, I have reservations. Think I’ve made a mistake in doing this. After a lifetime jumping through educational hoops both as a teacher and a student, it’s time to let go of structure,  deadlines and criteria and just BE.

My loose idea about Lido’s and wild swimming mentioned in  my last blog does not fit with the routine of teaching a class every Thursday. It will  restrict  my plan to travel the country looking at Lido’s and swimming places. The possibility of an Arts Council Grant would have a similar effect. Why do I set myself all these goals? I’m still not really letting go.

Think I should just pack my paints, jump in the car and go. I remember when I drove to Catterline on the North-East coast of Scotland, one of the best days was when I discovered Stonehouse open-air pool and swam in a thunderstorm. The unexpected finds are always the best.

I’m committed to teach until Christmas now and then we’re off to Australia for 4 weeks (that will be great!) but when I come back I will let go and drift with the flow. I shall spend the intervening time getting to grips with video and photography. Tried to find a course on iMovie technique but there doesn’t seem to be one. Everyone says ‘just play around with it’. That’s fine but so time-consuming and my limited patience doesn’t help….I’ll get there eventually!

In the meantime here’s the video I made for my MA show. Swimming at Wells next the sea.