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A Q&A with… Onyeka Igwe, artist filmmaker exploring resistance to colonialism

London-based artist Onyeka Igwe has mined colonial-era archives for three new films inspired by all-women protests against British rule in west Africa, currently showing together in the solo exhibition ‘No Dance, No Palaver’, in Hawick, Scotland. She discusses the spectre of the ‘colonial gaze’ and the ethics of archive research with Sonya Dyer.

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The Ragwort

If the general definition of a ‘weed’ is taken to be ‘a plant in the wrong place’ or ‘a plant growing where it is not wanted’, what then is the right place for a plant to grow? Project: The Ragwort […]

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One Minute

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    July 26, 2017
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    September 01, 2017
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A Q&A with… Thomson & Craighead, video and internet artists

London and Scotland-based artistic duo Thomson & Craighead have created a new generative moving image work for the Look Again festival in Aberdeen. They talk to Jack Hutchinson about the impact of the internet on our lives and how splitting their time between rural and urban areas has benefitted their practice.

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