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Why artists move: a guide to relocating

In recent years many artists have moved from major conurbations to smaller towns or cities in the UK, with access to cheaper work space and accommodation, improved health and wellbeing, and the need for stronger community networks among the factors influencing their decision to relocate. In this guide, Dan Thompson explores the many and varied reasons why artists move to a new place.

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Field Notes

Ayuerveda Restaurant Amsterdam 93rd st with Lisa Merrill cosy like someones home or maybe thats how it feels always in Lisa’s company I think thats it. Heads of state dont recognise the humanity of difference. Distracting politics. Politics of action. […]

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Working for free: what’s to like?

Artists are often asked to work for free in return for exposure via social media likes and audience praise, so for a recent commission (paid) Alistair Gentry decided to walk around Folkestone dressed in a cliched ‘artist’s costume’ asking other types of worker if they’d do the same. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they weren’t particularly keen.

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Free Market thinking: arts, organising and alternatives to neoliberalism

Market Gallery’s recent Free Market symposium – supported by an a-n Artist Led Bursary – brought together thinkers and doers to discuss issues around ‘cultural resources in crisis’ and was in part informed by the Glasgow gallery’s own precarious situation. Chris Sharratt reports on three days of thinking beyond the usual.

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Margate Landlady

‘Margate Landlady’ Work-in-progress.  One of a number of silverpoint drawings based on people in an old photograph from Margate. Note: any similarity to any B&B owners currently living in Margate or Cliftonville is purely coincidental.

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Resisting gentrification: why we should fight hard to protect affordable creative spaces

Newcastle-based artist Kathryn Hodgkinson believes that the city council’s planning decisions are having a detrimental effect on the area’s creative community. In the wake of the recent decision to demolish the creative space Uptin House to make way for ‘yet another block of student flats’, she argues that local authorities need to embrace the true value of artists.

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