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Sometimes it is just hard to focus. Trying to experiment and develop feels like the hardest thing to do as pressures, emotions, and other commitments block and scrambles one’s progress. I don’t feel inspired, I don’t feel driven. It is all I can do to get myself to my studio in the first instance.

But it does help to just get there.

This is always a particularly busy time of year anyway. My other work in the Theatre industry is full-on (and given the last couple of years with Covid, for that I am thankful). Family stuff is full-on too and unfortunately much of it, not in a good way. Again, this is where I am glad to be busy. So I schedule my studio time. I actually open up my electronic calendar and optimistically type it in on the days and times I might be free. It helps give it importance. It helps me balance things. I might not have a clue when I get there as to what I will be working on that day but so be it. At the very least I can stretch a canvas, prime a surface or even just tidy a corner.

It helps me breathe.

The piece displayed is a work in progress – painting and collage. It is one of a series of works that explores human’s connection with the natural world, specifically garden wildlife and how it oscillates between the edge of consciousness and reality.