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I am currently working towards an exhibition with an artist friend. It will be held in CornerHouse – a community arts centre in Tolworth and I am grateful for the opportunity to have something focused to work towards. Our exhibition will be called ‘Reimagining the Domestic’ and we have chosen this title as the exhibition explores our individual imaginings of the ordinary  and everyday such as objects and scenes in our urban environment whether that be within our homes or outside in the street.

I plan to install previous work I have made – my garden series, a few urban street explorations, possibly my garden animal collages – we shall see. I am also making some new work based on photographs I have used before; small scenes I have captured and montaged into an overall feeling, such as the reflections of a plant in a pool of water seen on the lid of an outside bin, merged with berry stains on the ground or camellias that have fallen from an overgrown bush onto the pavement reminding me of the New Zealand pohutakawas flower of my childhood.

These are just small works – they are small memories but they remain inside of me; ethereal and haunting.