Artist In Residence at Can Serrat Centro de Actividades Artisticas, Cataluña 2012 2014


‘tomorrow I move back to the magic mountain’.


I’d previous remained incognito about my imminent return to Paradise.

Pinning the words to my Facebook wall, a statement from my cyber-self (who stares back a me, smising, head cocked at what was deemed a flattering angle) somehow solidifies my intention. There would be expectations now, of updates, and snapshots from faraway lands.


I boarded the plane on Monday.

Somewhere over southern England I find myself lost in the skyline, lamenting my lack of ability to describe the columbus cloud castles cloudscape without it being doused in cheesy poetics of a mid range middle school poetry assignment.


The hours passed; the passenger to my right is drinking, and muses out aloud if 2 pints and 2 bottles of wines for breakfast was a good idea. I sleep, she ‘passes out’ (her label). Never mind, she can recuperate at the apartment, Jose will take her to the stadium tomorrow.


We land at near noon, the hot sunlight is already streaming through the airbus windows bringing a discomfort to my heavy cotton dress. And tights! my colleague remarks, as she pays the meter at the aeroport.

This is my aunts car from France, did you notice the license plate? I hadn’t. My eyes had missed it as I heaved my suitcase, laden with my materials, into the trunk, and attempted to enter the passenger seat by the left.


40 minutes on the A-2 motorway.

We turn down a dirt road damaged in a recent deluge, it takes some careful navigation to avoid a tyre blow out. city municipal are mierda, 

the day after this happened they are building a post for a plaque!



My colleague offers a tour to acquaint myself with the other resident artists, and reacquaint myself with Masia Can Serrat (Daisy, your kitten drawings on the external wall have faded). I follow her tobacco trail room to room, and by the time we reach the top of the stairs she has exchanged pleasantries and gossip in 4 languages.


Eventually my suitcase finds a resting place on the familiar red tiles of the bedroom, and I have arrived. Again.


So let’s begin this residency encore. I have unfinished business blog.