I saw this earlier this evening, posted by Susan Jones on twitter:


A guide to Internships. Lots of really good rules about pay/minimum wage – worker issues and time limits.

So I applied this to the two internships advertised in ArtJobs today.

Grizedale: very good, no, excellent opportunity for 6 week internship with pretty decent pay and a totally immersive experience. Plus they are up for splitting the residency into two or three week blocks.


Florence Trust: Not quite as good, probably still an amazing experience at a very interesting place, but it’s not paid at all, and doesn’t mention any costs covered either. On the plus side – a really broad range of stuff to work on and it’s only for one day a week working as an assistant to the Director/Studio manager i.e. a lot of contact with interesting people.


The Grizedale one could be for anyone too, whereas you’d pretty much need to live in London to do the Florence Trust Internship…

Ok, exercise for the day over, will do a bit more comparing of how different internships measure up and report my findings.. now to sweep the studio floor and go home!


Really nice time at the Royal Standard (my studio) Christmas Party last night.. mostly I loved decorating the gallery as a log cabin and making cardboard mountains and of course, the dancing at the end of the night. But it’s nice to just spend time chatting to people you see around the building and also meeting new ones.

Received a catalogue in the post from my friend Jane Edden this morning, from her recent solo show at Flowers East (which I sadly missed due to stupid train prices). As usual her exacting standards have made me want to work harder and be neater, but I am just very pleased to add this beautiful book to my collection. Kark-heinz Klopf from Linz also gave me a book about his work last night too so I am doing well.

Have also just sorted out dates to teach a drawing class at a summer school next year. I was asked to devise a week-long course so have gone for experimental drawing after thinking what I really love to do. Best thing is, the arts centre I’m teaching at is Truro Centre for the Arts on Cape Cod!! It’s amazing to be paid to go there for a week of work right on the beach, in August. Can’t wait and as their apartment has space, Dan should be able to come too… The arts centre also have a shack residency thing (basically a posh shed in the middle of nowhere on sand dunes) for two week sessions, so I might apply for that and see if I can stretch the whole thing out. Unsurprisingly; it’s very competitive, but worth a try!

Now, almost hangover free, it’s back to the studio (I have spent the week in the project space starting some new work) for some casting… taking the painkillers with me though!





The final of Saatchi art school – so after just two commissions, the artists are to put on a group show at the Saatchi Gallery. We are not told how long they had to do it, or what the budget was, although it seems like about 3 weeks from come clues given.

I can’t help thinking this is designed to set them up to fail a bit. Work would have to be fairly bombastic to stand much chance of registering in those spaces.. also much stress upon inviting the ‘right’ people, although it seems that they have Saatchi’s mailing list, so perhaps he’s just saving on admin wages.

Suki’s work was a bit subtle for last week’s task and this happened again here, although I can’t helping thinking this is not her best work and she might be a better artist under different conditions?

Eugenie – she’s only a first year student and 19, so their comments that she is confused and not experienced enough seem expected. But with one epic fail and one lovely fence she pulls it off as she seems to presume she will.

Saad – apparently has struggled for inspiration in both tasks, but wait… didn’t he just have a good think before plunging in? Then he wiggles around in a sheet – as good a way to generate ideas as any.The editing doesn’t help the way you see the works either as they are given the slant of the judges: you can’t help but be underwhelmed by this work.

Sam’s electrical thingmajigs are interesting but don’t hold my attention for long. I don’t like work that is led by technology instead of ideas and he seemed to be falling into that trap. The first piece with magnets inspired by Brunel was elegant, not so here.

The fact that Eugenie won is probably the best indicator that it was Saatchi’s art school and not ‘the best artist art school’, see also lots of very well spoken people at the opening. Can’t help feeling like she won, but without getting to be taken seriously. I was so very glad that Matt got to be in the London leg of the show, also that Eugenie gave him her studio for the first year. He wanted it and seemed to deserve it more (I realise hard work does not necessarily make a good artist, but he is good too). I felt all of his emotions as they came out of the TV and filled my lounge, they was so palpable. I recognised myself in him at that final judging moment.

But then again, I would never have made that call to the council to get the fence removed, far too low in confidence and expectation.

Anyway, if you fancy having a go at a mini art school, without the TV and with a bit more space to breathe – Apply for A Curriculum at A Foundation in Liverpool next spring. Online applications on Saatchi’s website here:



Just pondering who to nominate for the Liverpool Art Prize next year:


Lots of good artists working in Liverpool at the moment and some people whose work I love… but you can only nominate three people. It’s a funny little prize, which I think was the Liverpool-own version of the turner prize for 2008 (Capital of Culture year of course), although I’m not 100% on that. £2,000 or £1,000 in prize money will no doubt make quite a difference to someone. The exhibition is also a nice chance to see a good chunk of someone’s work rather than the odd piece in group shows.

Karl-Heinz Klopf from Linz came round for a cuppa the other day.During the first visit to my flat he was video-interviewing me, so it was nice to not be thinking about the camera shoved in my face! :) I was asking him about his career and when he felt like a mid-career or fully fledged or made a living or however you might describe that stge of a career and he said he still didn’t. Quite unexpected from an artist with a very impressive track record and a lot of good work behind him. He said most of his income went back into making work… maybe it never changes!


Tax return is filed! I made a pathetic £5,372 in 08/09, so it’s no wonder that I started this blog in January in an attempt to address the very serious issue of making more money.

I think I have at least four times that coming in this year, but I reckon at least half of that has been for materials, printing and travel and other expenses: it adds up so quickly. So that doubles my income at least – and takes me just above the poverty line, not bad for a blog.

The receipts since April this year have been piling up and I am collecting EVERY bloody THING: I had my finances investigated the first year I was self employed after my MA and that is not pretty. If I am picked to do that again, I will have to be much better prepared… especially given the increase in work and the fact that I will be putting expenses down for the first time.

Next year, the tax return gets done in April, it all gets too fluffy when you leave it so long!