I’ve been meaning to mention this for ages, but Ellie Harrison’s Work-athon for the self employed takes place on Monday.


I really like the idea of this, lots of self employed people all coming together in one place for a day and working 9-5 together. I was disappointed not to be able to go (mainly because I am already committed to a workshop in Blackpool, but the London thing doesn’t help either). But if I were free and closer, I would totally be there with my thick rimmed glasses on and new stationery to hand :D


Just found this Art Worker app on itunes:


It’s pretty simple but works out a suggested daily rate as well as fees for talks/workshops (based on yearly outgoings) and prices for work. It’s a bit like a-n’s fees calculator basically.

I like it. I am planning to use it as a third party in any discussions about payments, mainly if I need some time to think/pluck up courage. Think ‘Art Worker app says no’.

It costs £1.79.