So, for the first time in months I’ve had a bit I headspace. I’ve been getting a few things clear and have decided that the blog may have come to a natural end. I’ve been thinking this for a while and while I don’t plan on declaring it dead, I think it is going to become a place to highlight links and interesting projects rather than the diary-style blog it has been.

There is, of course, a ton more to be said about getting paid, artists’ rights and working conditions, but as I’ve been writing from a personal point of view, I’ve started to realise that the same issues re-coccur constantly. I feel like I have been round the carousel once and have started to experience similar things again, and I really don’t want to start repeating myself.

I plan to have a good rake through the blog and make a kind of summary PDF document of all the good stuff. Over the next year I have plans to work on a few long-term projects that involve putting some of the getting paid knowledge into action. I’d also like to do a bit of writing around the bigger picture after gathering some research together.

I still get a fair few emails every month (thank you C for the confirmation about Debut Contemporary being worth avoiding – a hilarious email about cameras/pink bowties and a completely lack of transparency in their proceedings). I really appreciate those and all the comments/dialogue the blog has brought and I will miss it. Getting Paid has just been a great thing to do all round and has brought me some really interesting friends and employment. Thanks everyone.