So I started this tumblr thing:


WMW is an attempt to make a place for artists (of any kind) to share their experiences (in a diagram of some kind) of how work has led to more work or opportunity. What that hopefully does is show in some way how networks operate and where opportunity occurs. This is different to ‘opportunities’ listings, because lots of these in the diagrams are private and to do with people connecting. It’s not supposed to belong to me or anyone, but just to be a place for generosity and transparency between artists. Things are smooth and mysterious in retrospect, so it’s nice to see the reality of a journey through projects and commissions, or just life.
I discovered that lots of artists already make them, just to evaluate or pin something down that is too complex to know in ones head.

I don’t know exactly what it does or is for yet, I need lots more to be able to see if there are specific things going on.

If you would like to add your diagram then please email and image to me at:

[email protected]