I’ve been meaning to mention this for ages, but Ellie Harrison’s Work-athon for the self employed takes place on Monday.


I really like the idea of this, lots of self employed people all coming together in one place for a day and working 9-5 together. I was disappointed not to be able to go (mainly because I am already committed to a workshop in Blackpool, but the London thing doesn’t help either). But if I were free and closer, I would totally be there with my thick rimmed glasses on and new stationery to hand :D


Just found this Art Worker app on itunes:


It’s pretty simple but works out a suggested daily rate as well as fees for talks/workshops (based on yearly outgoings) and prices for work. It’s a bit like a-n’s fees calculator basically.

I like it. I am planning to use it as a third party in any discussions about payments, mainly if I need some time to think/pluck up courage. Think ‘Art Worker app says no’.

It costs £1.79.


Regarding Debut Contemporary,


I would steer people to Susan Francis’ latest blog post, where she discusses her communications with the organisers. It doesn’t get much better.


I leave you with a comment from the CoS blog entry; there are other more succinct ones, but their language is a little colourful:

Hobby rigger said

May 19, 2011 at 20:53

With names like”twinkle trouton” yes rich kids who don’t know better – it would b hilarious if it was a fictional joke but this terrible thing is for real – pls stop paying the guy he’s clearly con artist!!!

Anyone had dealings with them? I’d like to know more….

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A lovely few days in Milan.Putting up an exhibition Dialogos at Assab One, an amazing old print factory in an industrial area of Milan. Met some nice people and it gave me a chance to make something quite simply and in some new surroundings. It was a good chance for a fresh look at things.


Some pictures of the space here.

Also, regarding my last blog post, I just saw this on Cathedral of Shit (love) and felt glad that someone agrees.


They have a certain way of putting things.


I just had an invite on Linked in from Samir Ceric. He runs Debut Contemporary – a service for artists from ‘as little as £45 per week’! He is apparently a ‘kingmaker’ and part of ‘Fashion’s new godparents’.

So I looked it up.

Wow. This seems like a cynical kind of business. I have no doubt it is genuine in his eyes, but it seems to leap on the fear of artists that they need to be ‘business savvy’ and know the right people and secrets of the London art world to suceed.Their exhibition and mentoring service may be awesome, but I remain unconvinced and will be steering well clear. Just sayin.