Where to start? Probably best to forget about the gap between then and now and just begin with today.

There are these things I made last year.

They looked a bit like boulders… but like bad scenery boulders. They were made for a particular setting but as a spin off from another project: Improbable Experiments With Growing Stones, where I was, improbably, trying to grow some stones, like this:

and this

and then these ones I made, which looked like this at Newhaven Fort

But when it was time to bring the “boulders” back from Newhaven Fort, I felt a bit differently about them. They seemed to have taken on a life of their own. I herded them out of the Fort and into a van to bring them home.

Five of them overwintered inĀ  my garden, hibernating, huddled in a corner against the wall with the snails and the fox who sleeps nearby.

Two of them stayed indoors, quietly evolving into something new in my mind…

They awoke in my studio this week

along with no-ocytes and clustermorphs

and other things

that have been biding their time until the right moment.


It’s getting pretty crowded in there.