Day 3, Wall Drawing 1.

Days and people have come and gone with some successes. Our Day 3 event, How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Machines, co-organised with Amy Zamarripa Solis and featuring my interview with complexity scientist, Dr Alex Penn and guest artists Shardcore and Chris Parkinson was a great success with a packed house and a lot of hilarity. It’s a real talent I think to be able to approach serious subjects and big issues with a real humour. Here is Chris in full flow (captured by friend of Devonshire Collective, Brian Booker).

Day 4 was a tricky one with an uncertainty creeping in about some of the work and decisions to be made, though it was great to get the projector out and watch through all my video clips and begin to see exciting things happening.

Day 5: another day, another wall drawing, though it couldn’t be more different from Wall Drawing 1. Instead, Wall Drawing 2 is a large,slightly frantic pencil mesh formed by trying to map the speeding objects that cross the projection of some of my video clips.Interesting… but hard to photograph.

Day 6 tomorrow…

Here’s a particularly happy accident: my iphone somehow managed to turn one of the clips upside down so it now looks like these purple balls are hanging in clusters from a silver sky : )



Really enjoying developing this work which, although grounded in my research around science, technology, evolution and change in the Anthropocene, now begins to take on a life of its own Рboth physically and metaphorically.

Today’s progess:

2 x Letraset drawings (here’s one – I love the way this old Letraset cracks on the paper)

2 x ink drawings

lots of exciting video footage – it’s really useful to be able to play it on the big tv monitor in the gallery space and leave it running through in the background to catch glimpses of it unexpectedly – here’s a still

the beginnings of a wall drawing

a bit of reading

quite a lot of thinking

oh yes… and some framed work on the cafe walls

Tomorrow, film-maker Anna Winter is coming to record my progress so far and then I’ll be preparing for our evening event – How to Survive and Thrive in the Anthropocene.

That’s it for today. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.




Here we go!

The culmination of my year long development project, Once In A Universe, begins here. It’s the start of a two week residency at the Devonshire Collective’s DC1 Gallery. I’ll be working in the space every day and hosting a number of events including, this week, How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Machines. I’m really looking forward to hearing how my co-presenting artists Shardcore and poet Chris Parkinson approach the evening and am thrilled to be able to present excerpts from a conversation with complexity scientist, Dr Alex Penn. It was a great pleasure to talk to Alex last week through the magic of Skype which connected us between Eastbourne and Tokyo.

So today was a settling in day. Priorities were:

  1. make a plan
  2. get some work on the walls
  3. try out some ideas I’d been waiting for the space to experiment with

Looking forward to day 2!