A couple of posts ago I wrote this: “I sort of feel as if I should be making more effort to save the planet. I’ve been thinking about it in my work for quite a while – how to use more environmentally sustainable methods and materials – but actually there are bigger questions about whether to be making things at all.”

A couple of years or more ago I ran a discussion event for Blue Monkey Network called Let’s Talk About Conceptual Art and, channeling my inner Martin Creed, I made around 35 small paper balls – enough to put one on each person’s seat before people arrived. Afterwards, some people took their paper balls home but a lot were left behind so I gathered them up and brought them back to the studio where I kept them for a long time.

In my artist’s statement I write about my work “exploring growth, change and evolution”, and now, more and more I see my work itself as a continuing process of evolution…

… but back to the paper balls…

Yesterday I finished this little animation which I’m pleased with – it makes me smile (make sure you have your sound up if you watch it).


Later, in another stage of the re-purposing, I carefully un-scrunched the paper, smoothed it out a bit, and now feel really pleased to have given the work another incarnation, producing a series of drawings. Here are a few of them. Zero Waste: found marker pen on re-purposed paper.



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